Waste Collection, Transportation and Disposal

Coleta Ambiental operates in the business of Waste Management, Collection, Transportation and Disposal in the regions of Espírito Santo. Currently, it has a team of qualified, prepared and experienced professionals. Thus, ensuring excellence in the entire process of analysis, collection, transportation and final disposal.

We act with seriousness, responsibility, and respect. We have high-performance equipment, thus guaranteeing the handling, public health, and environmental preservation.

We have our own fleet of vehicles and the best equipment to assist in the analysis, collection, conditioning, transport, and disposal: small vehicles, Munck Trucks, Auto Vacuum Trucks, among other mobile collectors, dumpsters, and stationary boxes.

We are a company specialized in the collection, treatment, and transportation of the most varied waste. We make a careful analysis of all the material, providing an adequate management for each type of effluent.

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