Munck Truck Rental

Coleta Ambiental is a company known for the high quality of its services and the quality of its fleets. It has a team of qualified and capable professionals ready to serve you.

Munck Truck rental, with a renewed fleet and a team of professionals, makes all the difference!

With a vast experience in the business, we provide personalized service according to the client's needs.

The Munck Truck is used for lifting cargo or removing and transporting heavy machinery. It has a winch that is formed by a common truck body and in the rear there are hydraulic arms for lifting - like those of the cranes. Besides having the advantage of being able to move it for long distances.

The main differential of this transport is practicality! With it, it is possible to hoist, move, and transport heavy loads.

Some functions that the Munck truck can perform:

  • Lifting, lowering and moving loads
  • Loading and unloading objects;
  • Transfer loads;
  • Do transshipment;
  • Remove and place objects/instruments in hard-to-reach places;
  • Moving objects;
  • Lifting of loads.

This vehicle can be used in the area of civil construction, electrical maintenance, in power plants, industries, port areas, and logistics, among others.

The Munck Truck guarantees practicality, efficiency, and safety for the services rendered. That is why it is one of the most sought after options by Coleta Ambiental.

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