Hospital Waste Removal

Coleta Ambiental has qualified and trained technicians for this type of collection, which is one of the most contagious residues generated by hospitals, medical, dental, veterinary clinics, and laboratories.

Health service waste has characteristics of chemical waste, biological risk, radiological risk, pathogenicity, toxicity, and reactivity.

We have a highly trained and qualified staff. In addition, we use techniques that we have acquired over time, to provide our services with total security.

Waste Removal and Transportation

We analyze the location of the company and the Hospital, to make the best route planning, and also implement a management with scientific and technical basis, respecting all the norms and the environment. Our goal is to route in an efficient and safe way, aiming to protect our entire staff, public health, and the environment.


Preliminary treatment consists in decontaminating the waste (disinfection or sterilization) by physical or chemical means, carried out under safe and effective conditions at the site of generation, in order to modify the chemical, physical, or biological characteristics of the waste and promote the reduction, elimination, or neutralization of the agents that are harmful to human and animal health and to the environment.

It should focus on both intra- and extra-establishment aspects, going from generation to final disposal, including the following steps:

Segregation, Packaging, Identification,Internal Transport, Temporary Storage, External Storage, Final Disposal

collection and transportation of hospital waste
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