Environmental Emergency

Coleta Ambiental has a team specialized in attending maritime and road environmental emergencies.

We have a team fully prepared for complex occurrences with dangerous products. Besides this, our company has high-performance equipment to attend all kinds of events with the objective of minimizing environmental impacts.

Ibama) classifies the events as follows:

  • liquid spills;
  • release of solids;
  • explosion/fire;
  • gas leakage;
  • chemicals or abandoned packages;
  • natural disaster;
  • fish mortality;
  • breakup and others.

This type of occurrence requires a lot of technique, responsibility, and care for the environment.

Our team is trained, experienced, and has deep knowledge in identifying the area, the product, and the circumstances. Therefore, this type of occurrence requires knowledge, technique to attend the occurrence conscientiously, in order to make the collection and final disposal in an adequate way, minimizing the environmental impacts and maintaining the safety of the whole team and the site.

Environmental Emergency
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