Environmental Management Solutions

Dangerous Waste Removal

Removal, temporary storage, transportation and proper final destination of Dangerous Waste Class I and Non-Dangerous Waste Class II

Environmental Emergency

Attending to maritime and road environmental emergencies


Specialized cleaning with hydroblasting

Cleaning of Water Tanks

Cleaning and decontamination of reservoirs and water tanks

Vessel’s Waste Removal

Removal, transportation and proper final destination os Vessel’s residues

Munck Truck Rental

Munck Truck Rental, Vacuum Suction Truck Rental, Backhoe Loader Rental

Preventive Fences

Launching of preventive enclosures (barrier) for vessels

Document Disposal

Destruction, decharacterization and disposal of documents

Hospital Waste Removal

Removal, transportation and proper final destination of health service residues

Stationary Bucket Rental

Stationary bucket rental

Maintenance and Repair

Team of professionals for boat maintenance and repair.

Disposal of Light Bulbs

Collection, transportation and final disposal of lamps

Waste Removal and Transportation

Collection, transportation and final destination of civil construction waste

Specialized Cleaning

Specialized cleaning of tanks and confined spaces

Suction Sewerage

Cleaning, unclogging and suction of sewage networks, rainwater networks, cesspools and fat boxes

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