Vessel Waste Collection

According to Brazilian legislation, port terminals must have the appropriate means to receive and treat the various types of waste and to combat environmental pollution.

There are various types of ship waste: solid, semi-solid or pasty waste, and liquid waste generated during the normal operation of the ship, such as: hospital or health care waste, dirty ballast water, oily bilge water, oily mixture containing chemicals, oily waste (sludge), oily water from tank washing, harmful chemicals, operational household waste, and much more.

Coleta Ambiental has a highly qualified and trained team to identify the types of waste generated at the ports in order to map the whole area, thus ensuring the reduction, reuse, and recycling.

Our goal is to find a suitable and effective way,
seeking to explore all possibilities of utilization before
the final destination in landfills and similar.

Coleta Ambiental respects and preserves the environment and public health.

We have qualified and licensed professionals to perform all the services of waste collection, treatment, and final destination.

We have our own extremely specialized fleet for various types of hazardous and non-hazardous effluents, Munck trucks, and auto vacuum trucks, thus ensuring proper handling, safety, and the environment.

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